Monday, October 12, 2009

How to avoid fire hazards

These paper lanterns are very fascinating and you can make them with the help of your family or friends. Use this time to highlight the fire hazards associated with open flames and place special emphasis on children who love to play with fire. Lock your pets away as their curious natures could lead to burnt snouts. Never place the lanterns near objects that might catch fire, for instance your curtains, garden furniture, dried out wood or near dry grass as the candles may ignite the bags and cause the small fire to spread quickly.
Modern lanterns made from artificial materials are serious fire hazards when the electrical lights inside them are removed and replaced with candles. Refrain from doing so at all times as a disaster can almost be guaranteed.

Learn how to make bag lanterns

Bag lanterns mark special occasions and are very easy and quick to assemble. To make your event very special scatter these paper bag lanterns all over your garden or line pathways with their welcoming lights.
You will need a couple of plain paper bags, a bucket of sand and some tiny candles. Fill the bags with three handfuls of sand and flatten it in the bottom. Now push your candle into the sand making sure it is at even distances from the sides. Place your bag where you want it and simply light the candle. Should you desire something more decorative, cut some patterns into the bags or paint them with water paint to create interesting shadows.

How are they made?

Paper lanterns can be made from any material and they give great pleasure to their owners as they are such simple yet beautiful creations. Some designs have the sole purpose of floating up in the sky once lit, very much using the same principles as hot air balloons do. These lanterns can be very attractive as they fill the skies in their masses during festivals. The floating lanterns have candles inside them giving them enough hot air to be able to fly due to the heat inside the lantern. The Chinese call them sky lanterns or even fire lanterns. Originally people used to make paper lanterns with the help of bamboo but in the present world there are many different materials available such as plastic, origami and aluminium as well as many durable fire resistant materials such as rice paper.

How did they evolve?

The Chinese and Japanese were the inventors of these innovative creations. The Chinese people did not use them for decorative purposes but for lighting. As functional objects, the very first lanterns were simple in design. The Chinese people developed a great respect for these artifacts as the years went by. The lanterns followed their makers as populations became more mobile and soon the world took notice of these delights. Today many people love to use them for their parties and special occasions.

The story of paper lanterns

From the beginning of civilization in Asia the people needed a way to keep their precious flames that provided light from dying, so they built a casing for these flames. These crude boxes made from bamboo and paper served this purpose perfectly for many years until artists to the emperors of the time started to develop beautifully crafted lanterns to show the importance of their masters. Since then, the humble paper lantern grew into a world famous piece of art that most people know and love.